Team sports being pushed out of Jackson Park for golf course


To the Editor:

Nothing is MORE fake then the South Lakefront Plan which is being pushed by various unknown people to kick team sports OUT OF  Jackson Park so that the park as a Tiger Woods designed golf course and the Obama  Center can become  a HUGE money maker for CPD and others, such as those who give private golf lessons, etc…  those who  have extensive land holdings in Woodlawn,  or in Hyde Park or South Shore, and will drive home prices  and rental properties so high that many will have to leave the community….Who will win then????

Its JPAC that has made Jackson Park the great place that it is today, for  in the last 10 years,   no group of people  have worked harder across the city  to make it the best park and best PAC;  have such great  beauty, nature,  and so many friends world wide….yet the CPD still hasn’t repaired the IOWA Building, (About $400,000.00), many areas of the shoreline,(multi millions, with the Army Corp of Engineers), the historic bathroom on South Shore Drive remains closed,   the lagoon hasn’t been restocked  with fish,(IDNR, etc..),  the Darrow Bridge reconstruction, (about $8-10 million bucks), and many other issues remain……Meantime, children , students and adults  who want to play team sports are being told to get lost, especially by the golf people…

Kenneth Newman