Connect Gallery to host Ghanaian artist exhibit

“Anita” a painting by artist Solomon Adufah of Ghana. – Photo courtesy of The Connect Gallery

Staff Writer

The Connect Gallery, 1520 S. Harper Court, will host a Ghanaian art exhibit entitled “This Image Is Not Available In Your Country,” in honor of Africa, on Friday, Aug. 11, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“His work is internationally known,” Rob McKay, owner of Connect Gallery, said about Ghanaian artist Solomon Adufah. “He uses mixed media on fabric and very vibrant colors.”

According to McKay, the exhibit will display work created Adufah and will explain through portraits how Africa’s cultural richness is rarely explored through a positive lens in the media. Adufah said his goal is to change that view.

“Through these portraits, my mission is to change this representation,” Adufah said. “I’m interested in using my practice as a way to reveal the hidden beauty woven into Africa’s social and geographical fabric.”

With a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Southern Illinois University, Adufah has displayed his works in exhibits such as the 2015 Gallery Guichard, Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, the 2015 Surplus Gallery, C4 Exhibition, the 2015 Creative Space Gallery, the Native Series, the 2016 Gallery Guichard, Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Art Basel. Also, he was recently rewarded the 2017 Surplus Gallery Rickert-Ziebold Trust Award in Carbondale, Ill.

“My practice involves creating large portraits of subjects I meet during my mission trips to Africa,” Adufah said. “There are two aspects of my art that are endearing; first, how I build genuine relationships with my subjects and second, my purpose for creating the works.”

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