T-Mobile Hyde Park and U. of C. to host Back to School Gala

Staff Writer

T-Mobile Hyde Park, 1451 E. 53rd St., in collaboration with the University of Chicago, will host its “1st Annual Back To School Gala” on Monday, Sept. 11, for incoming students on the university campus.

The event will take place at International House, 1414 E. 59th St., in an effort to help T-Mobile establish partnerships within the community.

“We have two Back to School events planned with the university,” said Henry Beals, retail manager of T-Mobile Hyde Park, “Sept. 11, for incoming students and Sept. 15 at the Ratner Center, 5530 S. Ellis Ave., during school registration. We are looking forward to this event.”

Beals said the time of the events will be announced at a later date.

At the gala, T-Mobile is expected to display a fully functional mobile showroom traveling store that will allow students to experience un-carrier interactions similar to their brick and mortar locations.

The store will also offer free giveaways from mobile partners Samsung, LG, and Tech 21, including new unlimited plans for future carriers.

“We are looking forward to establishing partnerships with the university and to focus on projects that will better help serve the community,” Beals said.

For more information on the T-Mobile Back to School Gala, please email Henry Beals at henry.beals@T-Mobile.com.