Medici on 57th approved for liquor license by the city

The Medici, 1327 E. 57th St., recently posted public notice of its intent to obtain a liquor license. City Council has approved its request. – Owen M. Lawson III

Staff Writer

The Chicago City Council approved The Medici’s, 1327 E. 57th St., request for a liquor license.

“We don’t think it will change much in terms of day-to-day operations,” said Kirsten Esterly, general manager of Medici about acquiring the liquor’s license. “It just allows us to offer something else with what we do. We don’t want to change what the Medici is. We are not going to have a bar.”

Known as Hyde Park’s oldest pizzeria, the restaurant’s menu will now include beer and wine, limited cocktail mixes, mixed drinks, Bloody Marys for brunch and vodka lemonades.

Esterly said the company applied for the license back in February and is currently experiencing variance processes with the state after meeting with Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th) and the community for its approval.

“With all of the new developments in the neighborhood and all of the new places getting liquor licenses, we approached the alderman and asked would this be something she might be supportive of,” Esterly said. 

Esterly said that in the past, a state law prohibited them from selling alcohol 100 feet from a school or a church, but with a new state law going into effect the company has variance availability and can now submit their application to the city.

“Ray Elementary School is 92 feet from us, but we were approved,” Esterly said.

Esterly also said that the restaurant would not serve any alcohol to customers until mid to late September. When their license might go into effect.

“First you have to post your public notice for 35 days. For us, that will be Aug. 31st,” said Esterly about the process. “Second the restaurant will undergo an inspection and once completed, the company will look to serve liquor on their menu either middle or late September, barring the city’s approval.”