Body found in the 5400 Block of East Hyde Park Boulevard

Staff Writer

A decomposing body was found inside an apartment in the East End Apartments building, 5474 E. Hyde Park Boulevard, according to building management.

Two engineers of Mac Properties discovered the body during an occupancy check around 11:35 a.m. after neighbors reported a stench in the hallway.

“Someone called us to do an occupancy check and that’s when we discovered the body,” said one of the tech two engineers of the building, who wished to go by the name said James K. “The first thing that came to my mind when I discovered the body that he was with God.”

The body discovered was that of William Geter, an African American male in his ‘50s or ‘60s, according to James K. The engineers found him lying near his bed in apartment 1B.

The paramedics said that the body was there for more than a week and police believe the man died of natural causes.

According to the engineers, the deceased man lived on his own but was reported a healthy individual, who they saw riding his bike as recently as last week.