City parkland being used illegally

To the Editor: 

The use of parkland for any purpose, including the proposed OPC, is against all moral and legal codes on which the City Of Chicago is founded.

Public parks in Chicago are “sacred ground”, set aside purposely as undeveloped parkland.

It’s humorous to see the name Burnham so often used in the public-relation- oriented signs in the parks and elsewhere, since our turncoat “protectors” of the Chicago parkland (Park District, Mayor, aldermen, etc.) have sold out to a private interest and intend to sacrifice parkland.

This has NOTHING to do with the worth of the OPC.

The issue is location, and use of parkland. There are DOZENS of sites that would be GREATLY improved, and benefit struggling neighborhoods, by building the OPC nearby.

Using parkland for this construction project is ethically, environmentally and legally wrong. It’s just bad energy, and an extremely tragic choice.

-John Loftus