Letter to the Editor: Hairston’s construction job fair helped all

Alderman Leslie Hairston hosted a great job fair August 29 at the South Shore Cultural Center, 7059 South Shore Drive, for people who are in the construction business. She had all the Chicago South Side construction site companies there and we were able to have 15-minute interviews with Randolph, Job Corps, Trinal and Cisco and other companies that do work in the areas of labor and construction in Chicago. Not only did Alderman Leslie Hairston’s job fair help people who have been in construction for a long time she also had opportunities for journeymen, apprentices who want to start being construction workers, and young people who were interested in starting a career in construction. It was a great job fair and I may have a job because I got a one-on-one interview. Thank you Alderman Leslie Hairston!

-Sharon Carney