UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program appoints co-directors

Staff Writer

The University of Chicago (UChicago), Urban Education Institute recently appointed Jeanette Bartley and Bill Kennedy as co-directors of the UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP).

The pair will oversee UTEP’s programming, curriculum and program operations as well as the recruitment of students, staff, faculty, and clinical instructors. Both have also worked in different capacities within UTEP. They have served as assistant directors for its Middle and Elementary programs.

“As UTEP enters its 15th year, it will be well-poised to continue to prepare excellent teachers to succeed, lead, and persist in urban teaching under Jeanette and Bill’s dynamic, thoughtful, and experienced co-leadership. UTEP could not be in better hands,” said Sara Ray Stoelinga, the Sara Liston Spurlark Director of the UChicago Urban Education Institute, in a written statement.

Bartley also co-led UTEP’s Teaching and Learning Seminar supervised middle-grade residents and served as assistant director of UTEP’s Middle Grades Licensure Pathway.

“Part of being an educator is believing in your students no matter what their circumstances are,” Bartley said in a written statement. “I believe that all students deserve teachers who see beyond the surface and reach them at levels that not only motivate them, but help them believe in themselves as learners. This is a key mission of UTEP—educating the whole teacher through analysis of who they are and what they bring to their students beyond just the academics.

Before joining UTEP in 2008, Kennedy taught and served as an assistant director in New York City Public Schools from 1994 to 2005.

He transitioned to teacher education joining the Chicago New Teacher Center.

At UTEP he co-led the Elementary Residency Year for five years and taught UTEP’s Social Studies Methods and Teaching and Learning in Urban Schools courses.

“What I find exciting about UTEP is that it strives to stay at the forefront of context-specific teacher education—drawing from critically-oriented research on trauma, community capital, and race, class, gender, and sexuality to create liberatory classroom practices that promote achievement and critical thinking,” Kennedy said in a written statement.

UChicago UTEP helps in preparing teachers to serve in urban schools.