Hyde Park Barber Studio hosts Russell Simmons and RushCard sponsored Peace Keepers talk

“If you can give them a good line, you can give them a good line in the mind,” says Peacekeepers Global Initiative founder and CEO Captain Dennis Muhammad as he brings his organization to the Hyde Park Barber Studio, 1431 E. Hyde Park Blvd., as part of his effort to develop Chicago barbershops as focal points of conflict resolution, mentoring and political organizing, Friday, Sept. 8. – Marc Monaghan

Staff Writer

The Hyde Park Barber Studio in collaboration with renowned music mogul and philanthropist Russell Simmons, RushCard, and the Peace Keepers organization hosted a “Barbershop Talk: A Project of RushCard Keep The Peace,” event on Friday, Sept. 8.

The organizers of the event, which was held at the Barber Studio, 1431 E. Hyde Park Blvd., as part of the “RushCard’s Keep the Peace” program initiative, want to make barbershops focal points of conflict resolution, mentoring and political organizing.

RushCard’s Keep the Peace initiative is providing the $50k contribution to the Peacekeepers Global Initiative to help increase its mission of expanding its program to Chicago.

“I have mad love for Chicago but every time we look on the news the media wants to portray that this is ground zero…murder capital of the world,” said Dennis Muhammad, founder of the Peace Keepers Global Initiative organization. “I want to say to Chicago that it’s happening everywhere and through dialogue we want the world to see you have the solutions to your own problems.”

In a nationwide effort to help reduce youth violence in the city, Muhammad addressed topics during his presentation such as, the root cause of black on black crime, the root cause of blue on black crime [police brutality], and the importance of black economic dollars spent in the community.

Muhammad has teamed up with Simmons to produce a documentary that would help address issues of violence across the country.