I agree with the soft drink tax

To the Editor:

I am in complete agreement with Will County Board Jackie Trayner. Board President Toni Preckwinkle is an ethical far seeing commissioner. Soft drinks in this city/county are a scourge on the health of those who partake of them. They are almost an addiction which contributes enormously to the development of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure to name just a few medical problems. It is ingenious that President Preckwinkle had the foresight to make those who indulge in soft drinks pay their fair share for the damage they do to themselves when they indulge. I am aware of the tax convolutions with which merchants may have to deal. But is there any tax that people in business do not have to work at in order to get it straight? The damage which people do to themselves when they take soft drinks is enormous and contributes to the high costs of medical care. When I was practicing medicine, I saw the devastating results. Am I concerned that the tax effects many working people and for that reason is not fair? I am concerned about any tax that is unfair. I make an exception in this case because anything, including taxes, which makes people think twice about before getting habits which injure them is positive. Many times the sicknesses which result from questionable habits cannot be easily paid for. The costs often times cannot be met by the person involved has to be spread throughout the community. They are some of the reasons why medical illness and treatment has become so expensive.

Alfred D. Klinger, M.D.