The Park District needs to get its priorities straight

To the Editor:

This is another major cost that the taxpayer is facing if the Tiger Woods Golf Course proposal moves forward that shows the disdain the Park District has for the common folk.

Paul Wiese and Bob Foster stated at a community meeting in late February 2015 that the Chicago Park District intended on rebuilding the shoreline between 45th Street to 51st Street in either 2017 or 2018. This announcement came after the storm of October 31, 2014 resulted in severe damage to this area and the closing of the bike and foot paths for some time. The Park District did accomplish superficial repairs in this area but did not address the structural problems that led to this problem.

We are currently into the third quarter of 2017 and nothing additional has been done and it appears it has been deferred again as was done in 2006 after the Park District had announced similar plans in earlier years.

But the Park District appears to be moving forward to rebuild the shoreline between 67th to 71st Street as part of the Tiger Woods Golf Course proposal. As the proponents of this golf course state the 2nd hole of the golf course is flooded when there is severe storms and this problem needs to be fixed.

It is my opinion that the thousand of people who utilize the paths between 45th to 51st Street year round, for biking, walking, running and rollerblading, should take precedence over the elite few who will pass through the 2nd hole of the golf course for part of the year.

The Park District needs to get its priorities straight.

Michael Hoke