An issue of bass

To the Editor: 

The Hyde Park Brats and Beer fest is going on as I write this letter. As a long-time Hyde Park resident I’m glad to see more community events popping up, however I am not so pleased with the loud volume and the persistent bass that plagues me with each event. Living only two blocks away I can feel my apartment shudder with each bass note, and closing windows doesn’t help either. The issue as I see it is with whoever does the sound mixing, as clearly they don’t understand how bass works. Bass isn’t meant to be an overwhelming force, and from what I can hear it’s drowning out the actual music being played — both vocals and instruments — to the point that nothing is coherent and any quality playing is rendered mute. Perhaps the next event could be mixed better, with more consideration for the residents who must endure such bass (I can’t imagine what a younger child or elderly person must think of all this) and for those in attendance who are robbed of a quality musical experience. I for one say turn down the bass, turn the treble up so that the vocals and instrumentation are what shines. That would be much preferred over a wall of bass slamming into my apartment for several hours straight.

Edward Graves