What is JPAC’s stance on the current state of Jackson Park?

To the Editor:

I would like the Jackson Park Advisory Council (JPAC) to articulate their stance on the current conditions in Jackson Park.

Will JPAC explain why they have not demanded that the Chicago Park District (CPD) repair the pedestrian underpasses located at 66th Street and Lake Shore Drive and 59th Street and Lake Shore Drive? Currently the public has to use wading boots to navigate these sites. Approving the construction of new pedestrian underpasses, for the golfing elites, when CPD cannot maintain the underpasses, for the common folk, does not make any sense.

Will JPAC explain why they have not demanded that CPD and Project 120 remove the fencing and debris just east of the Clarence Darrow Bridge? It is an eyesore!

Will JPAC demand that the shoreline between 45th Street to 51st Street be renovated prior to any shoreline improvements for the 3rd hole at the South Shore Country Club Park?

Has JPAC reported the broken park benches and overgrown weed patches that President Louis McCurry wrote about in her recent letter.

JPAC and President McCurry need to address current problems prior to approving future plans to the Chicago Parks Golf Alliance.

-Joseph Jankovic