Limestone revetments are a wreck and need work

To the Editor:

Nice to know some things in Hyde Park will never change. Although I have lived elsewhere for many years I have visited, roaming around often and still get the Hyde Park Herald. Thus, I still have opinions. I was rather happy to read a “letter” regarding an odd issue – rather than yet another one about the Obama Center – which addressed the deteriorating limestone revetments at the “Point” at 55th Street and the Lake where I spent many happy days sunning and swimming in the 1960s, then, after having children, at the 57th Street beach or long gone 53rd Street “Y”. Could not both sides of the issue be satisfied by rebuilding the revetment so accessible to all but preserving a portion and reinforcing – or embedding some old stone blocks in the newer concrete, perhaps selling plaques paid for (raising some money) by individual donors. Think Tribune Tower. Those limestones are a wreck and do need work.

-Linda Kirsch Williams