Nature-lovers in Jackson Park have all of the power

To the Editor: 

Jackson Park’s park-lovers have an extraordinary amount of leverage now, whether or not this is generally perceived; and should therefore “make no small plans” for enormous improvements to the “non golf” part of Jackson Park! The wealthy golf community is heavily “invested” in their still-being-revised plans for a combined large golf course / driving range / family course …. and Park users have leverage because of the enormous emotional investment of the members of the Board of the Chicago Parks Golf Alliance, in this golf course being approved. In addition to bringing-up-to-a-good-condition all of the existing natural “non golf” parts of Jackson Park, there is no reason why nature-lovers can not use their unprecedented leverage to come up with ideas for more flowers, more trees, more water features, and more of anything they feel will make Jackson Park and South Shore Cultural Center greater and much more popular for nature-lovers of all kinds … in addition to preserving the historic natural features of Jackson Park. I do not believe the two sides can not come to a compromise that satisfies everyone! Jackson Park supporters can start by asking the wealthy Board of the Chicago Parks Golf Alliance for a multi-million-dollar “private” donation to upgrade the non-golf parts of Jackson Park. That Board is wealthy enough to write such a check in one day! If that Board were to negotiate a such a large donation with the Park’s supporters for these purposes, Park-supporters would be that-much ahead of where they are now! Park-supporters concurrently should want to consult with such nature organizations as the Chicago Botanic Garden; Morton Arboretum; and any others I am forgetting, to see what new features those organizations can help to make happen in Jackson Park. Seize the moment … and make no small plans!

Sid Colton