Hyde Park Historical Society attempts to make Guinness Book of World Records

In 1980 the Hyde Park Historical Society hosted an Open House in which they invited folks to take part in this picture. Are you in this photo?
We need to beat the amount of people in this photo. Can you help us out? If so, just show up at the Cable Car Building, 5529 S. Lake Park Ave., on Sunday, Oct. 22 at 1 p.m. sharp! No resumes needed; no business cards; nothing to buy…just show up at 1 p.m. sharp! And don’t forget to smile while you still have teeth. Vintage clothing welcomed.
WE NEED YOU CHICAGO – Let’s show Guinness Book of World Records we mean business!
“Half of life is just showing up.” We need the other half in our picture. –Hyde Park Historical Society
– Photo courtesy of the Hyde Park Historical Society

Staff Writer

The Hyde Park Historical Society will attempt to add its name to the Guinness Book of World Records on Sunday, Oct. 22, at the Cable Car Building, 5529 South Lake Park Avenue.

The event will start at 1 p.m., as the group will need participants to help break the record for largest number of people in a photo standing in front of a single room museum.

The event was inspired by JoAnn Fastoff-Blackman, spokesperson for the campaign.

“I’ve submitted an application (to Guinness) and I would love for people to show up,” Fastoff-Blackman said about the event. “Let’s show Guinness Book of World Records we mean business!”

According to Fastoff-Blackman, the group held an Open House in the past and dressed in vintage clothing to help celebrate the restoration of the Cable Car Building back in 1980. She explained that a large number of people participated in the past photo event and that this year’s photo will need a larger amount of people to help surpass those numbers.

 “We want to eclipse the amount of people in the [past] photo,” said Fastoff-Blackman. “Be there at 1 p.m. sharp. Vintage clothing is welcomed.”

For more information on how to participate in the Hyde Park Historical Society “Guinness Book World Records” attempt, visit hydeparkhistory.org or email: joann.fastoff@gmail.com.