Are we at the tipping point?

To the Editor: 

Simply. The earth is surrounded by a geodesic dome, all the pollution from Egyptian and Roman tomes is still out there – or is recycled by the earth in our lungs or oceans or trees and plants. Now the recycling machine is breaking down. There is too much garbage in the atmosphere.

When Houston, Texas, was hit with 50 inches of rain from hurricane Harvey, in the Trump administration people like Scott Pruitt, EPA administrator, the present Texas governor, and former Texas governor Rick Perry – and many others are all climate change deniers. Most members of the corporate press have said nothing about climate change and global warming.

Maybe it is not the time for talk with so many people in need of help. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson knows that Exxon scientists documented global warming over 40 years ago, and like the tobacco companies, suppressed the information getting out to the public.

Instead of leading in the global warming effort to honestly deal with it, we are dragging our feet and letting others lead like China. Will the Trump administration learn anything from these disasters and the next one coming on their heels? We can reverse course, and push to strengthen the Paris global warming agreement, and not gut it, just because leading Republican billionaires, whose fortunes are tied to fossil fuels, and the politicians, with greedy hands out for goodies to shore up their next elections, don’t speak of it.

Honest scientists have been saying for years that hurricanes are becoming more powerful because their energy is derived from the increasing warmth of the ocean waters making them much more dangerous.

Since the first Earth Day in Chicago in 1970 – where I got Mayor [Richard J.] Daley and Republican Attorney General Bill Scott to speak – hurricanes that reach a category four or five in strength (the highest) have roughly doubled because of the ocean’s warming waters. All coastal areas are at risk with the melting of the polar ice caps, and the warming of the ocean waters. And we are beginning to see nature’s (or God’s) wrath.

Michael P. Gillespie
M.A. University of Chicago