Parents with a purpose

To the Editor: 

As we close another Fall Season, It is time to recognize the dedicated American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) parents who understand that children copy the actions of their parents and parents are children’s most copied role models. AYSO parents are trained to serve as coaches, assistant coaches, referees, and coordinators, setting up and taking down goals, painting fields, organizing team snacks and inspiring their children to follow their example and give back to their community as volunteers We have 27 years and an estimated 52 thousand of AYSO and an estimated 50 thousand youth who played AYSO and double that number of parent volunteers from our community. We could not offer kids the opportunity to learn how to play the game of AYSO Soccer where everyone plays (to overcome obstacles) and learn teamwork skills. Thank you all! Thank you AYSO parents and players. You make our community proud!

Louise McCurry,
AYSO Director