Irmer hosts fundraiser for 25th District Representative run

As her grandmother and mother look on, Illinois House of Representatives 25thDistrict candidate Adrienne Irmer enjoys a moment as she kicks off her campaign with a fundraiser at the Litehouse Grill, 1660 E. 53rd St., Thursday, Nov. 16. – Marc Monaghan

Staff Writer

Southside resident Adrienne Irmer hosted a campaign kick-off fundraiser at Litehouse Whole Food Grill, 1660 E. 55th St., on Thursday night Nov. 16, to publicly announce her run for State Representative of the 25th District of Illinois.

“I’m running for office because I love the people of Illinois,” Irmer said. “Dr. [Cornel] West said, paraphrasing, you have to love the people if you are going to lead the people and if you ever think you are going to save some people you have to serve some people first.” 

Irmer received strong endorsements from Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th) and her mother Peri Irmer, president and chief executive officer of the DuSable Museum.

” What I see in this young lady here and what I have heard from her is the…fire in the belly to get things done,” Hairston said. “[And] to understand and learn how things work and not be fooled and not be tricked into falling for the same ole same ole. This young lady…has proven to me that she has the commitment to go down to Springfield.”

Hairston told Irmer, “You will be filling a void of almost 40 years, bringing new ideas and we welcome that and all I ask of you is that you continue to do your best to represent everybody and I know you can do it so I’m “All In For Adrienne.”

Illinois House of Representatives 25th District candidate Adrienne Irmer listens as 5th Ward Alderman Leslie Hairston announces her support for Irmer during Irmer’s campaign’s kickoff fundraiser at the Litehouse Grill, 1660 E. 53rd St., Thursday, Nov. 16. – Marc Monaghan

Irmer, who said she’s spent her entire adult life in the field of service, said if elected she would go down to Springfield, Ill., to fight for the communities of the 25th District that haven’t had a voice for “way too long.”

The 25th House District includes Hyde Park, Kenwood, South Chicago, South Shore, East Side and Woodlawn.
State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-25) Democratic Majority Leader, who currently occupies the post, announced in September that she would not seek another term.
Irmer also said that in her quest to help the people of the 25th District, she would go down to Springfield to fight for families, fair education for public schools that need it the most and for the environment.

“We have air quality control monitors right now in Illinois that are not being monitored because [President Donald] Trump said ‘we don’t need that,’ Irmer said.

Irmer said that if the community doesn’t fight for every seat in the house or if the community doesn’t fight to have a voice, they would have families that would continue to be left behind in risk of losing their healthcare. Irmer also said that when it comes to the issues of healthcare for the poor, Trump believes that its a privilege and not a right for people to have free healthcare, and that the community should be alarmed that this is a local fight.

After Irmer made her speech to a large crowd of people that included residents, supporters, lawyers, professionals, and dignitaries, she announced to the crowd that she’s preparing herself for the 2018 Democratic Primary for State Representative of the Illinois’ 25th House District in the month of March.

Illinois House of Representatives 25th District candidate Adrienne Irmer thanks her “Love Army” as she kicks off her campaign with a fundraiser at the Litehouse Grill, 1660 E. 53rd St., Thursday, Nov. 16. – Marc Monaghan

“Leader Currie has blazed a trail for women in Illinois Democratic politics and I hope to honor her progressive legacy in this key legislative seat,” said Irmer told the Herald in a previous interview. “As we move the 25th District forward, it is important that we elect a representative who knows the issues most important to all constituents of the 25th. I will do everything in my power to protect our diverse communities from the ruinous [Governor Bruce] Rauner and Trump agendas.”

A graduate of Kenwood Academy High School, Irmer has been a passionate champion of social causes for over 16 years. Her professional work has crossed vital sectors, including public health and safety, education, and infrastructure, as well as electoral campaigns at all levels of government.

Irmer recently served as the Legislative Coordinator for the Cook County Bureau of Asset Management.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from MIT in 2004 and was a National Urban Fellow in 2014. Irmer also received an MPA and previously served as Special Assistant to the City Manager for the City of Beverly Hills, Calif.