They need to tell us there are two separate plans for Jackson Park

Once again there is confusion about what the community is talking about for Jackson Park. The recent entry of federal transportation and preservation agencies into reviewing the planning has again conflated the Obama Presidential Center and the making of one national style golf course out of our two community golf courses in the park.

It turns out that changing the roadways and changing the park design needs some federal approval (See story on page 1). Which means more confusion, more delay and, once again, treatment as if these two projects were one thing.

Although the Obama Center and the Park District have said on a few occasions that these are separate projects there needs to be a definitive statement of information from all the sponsors that lays out the following:

  • Here are the roadway and land use changes that are absolutely needed for the Obama Center.
  • Here are the improvements we propose in addition while we are tearing things up for the Obama center and there is no golf change.
  • Here are the roadway and land use changes that have nothing to do with the Obama center and are only being proposed for the golf course proposal and would not be proposed if there is no golf course change.
  • Here are the changes or improvements we propose in addition if there is a golf course change.

This is a straightforward list. We know what we are going to hear: “We are not quite finished with the planning etc.” Well if you really want input from the community, and more importantly community help because there is sure to be people who will find the plans and any compromises unsatisfactory, get the community in on it now.