Park District ignoring the elephant in the room


To the Editor:

We applaud your December 6 editorial, which rightly pointed out the confusion about just what is being proposed for Jackson Park.  Now the Chicago Park District has compounded the confusion with its mix-and-match grab bag of three “scenarios” worth of proposals for the Park that it presented in the December 7/11 open house meetings.  While advancing new options, the Park District has continued to ignore the truly big elephants in the room: just what really is the Obama Foundation proposing for the OPC site and buildings? What about the mystery golf course proposal? Are all those roads really going to be closed and/or realigned?

The Park District’s attempt to move forward with its “framework plan” while such major questions remain unanswered makes it impossible to attain the holistic and comprehensive plan that the Park deserves.

Brenda Nelms and Margaret Schmid
Co-presidents, Jackson Park Watch