Lite House Grill forced to close temporarily due to water main break in the building

Staff Writer

The city of Chicago Department of Public Health suspended the operation license of Lite House Grill, 1660 E. 55th St. The owner of the restaurant said the establishment was forced to shut down temporarily due to a water main break in the building on Friday, Jan. 5.

“The water main [break] froze in the building and it carried over to us but now the problem is fixed,” said Rico Nance, owner of Lite House Grill.

Nance said due to freezing temperatures of late, the building pipes were frozen, which led to water flowing into the restaurant in the building. During the break, the city repaired the pipes and resolved the issue.

Nance explained he didn’t know when the break actually occurred but informed the public that “business will resume on Monday, Jan. 8.”