I object to having the Obama Presidential Center built in Jackson Park

I am a third generation Hyde Park/Kenwood Chicagoan with strong ties to the community.

I strongly object to the Jackson Park Location of the Obama Presidential Library, complete with the destruction of precious Green Park space in Jackson Park and on the 59th street Midway Plaisance causing huge disruptions with traffic, parking. The alternative location West of Washington Park is ideal – with the Green Line El stop at 55th street and access from the Dan Ryan expressway – the traffic and parking problems would be minimal and could lead to the economic revitalization of the neighborhoods West of our Hyde Park. Instead the Obama foundation and various political elites are making a power grab of our Jackson Park – complete with plans for an elite golf course.

It’s becoming very clear that as was the case with the George Lucas/Melody Hobson Lucas/Star Wars museum – everything must be downtown or on Lake Front Park space. The impoverished communities not downtown and off the Lake Front are ignored or worse shunned – this Obama/Rahm/Oprah Hollywood/Harvard Law School elite wants the votes of poor and working class AA but doesn’t want to mix with them or invest in their neighborhoods.


Jaye Ellis