I had a dream

Dear Editor:

I had a dream that the Washington Park site was chosen for the Obama Presidential Center instead of Jackson Park. I had a dream that the site would be on Garfield Blvd. and Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive. That the planned family activities touted for Jackson Park would be established on the west side of Washington Park. That visitors could come to the Obama Center on the Green Line, or if they chose to drive, parked in a lot close to the Center. That the Center would not only house the museum and a public library, but that a building would be built nearby to house the presidential archives; and that these archives would be used by scholars from around the world to study the Obama presidency, and that the University of Chicago and the National Archives would administer this collection. That businesses would open up on the vacant land in the area, and that there would be an expansion of the Arts Incubator across the street into a building housing several performance spaces and possibly a school for the arts.

And that Jackson Park would be revitalized with improvements in its sports fields, tennis courts, field house, gardens, dog park and especially its golf course and driving range. That the lagoon would be filled again and available for fishing. That the South Shore Cultural Center golf course would be improved for neighborhood golfers. That the grand lawn at the Cultural Center would once again be home to concerts of music of all types. That the public facilities there would be improved and include a café. That the shorelines nearby would be made safer. That the neighborhoods surrounding Jackson Park would be given substantial economic boosts, that schools would be improved, that grocery stores would be established there, that the 63rd Beach House would once again be taken care of by the city. And more that others can imagine. And perhaps some dreams make more sense than the best laid plans of politicians and realtors.

Janice Misurell-Mitchell