U. of C. Med official medical provider and sponsor for Chicago Sky

Staff Writer

University of Chicago Medicine has been named the official medical provider and sponsor of the city’s Women’s Basketball team Chicago Sky through a multiyear partnership. The news was announced today as Mayor Rahm Emanuel also announced that the WNBA team is moving to Wintrust Arena in Chicago’s South Loop for the 2018 season.

“On behalf of sports fans across the city, I want to welcome the Chicago Sky to their new home right here in the city of Chicago,” Emanuel said in a written statement. “This move by the Chicago Sky will mean jobs and economic opportunities on Chicago’s South Side and in neighborhoods across the city, and the partnership between the Sky and University of Chicago Medicine will benefit the team and strengthen health initiatives in Chicago communities.”

Under the new partnership, University of Chicago Medicine will provide preseason cardiac screenings as well as comprehensive player and patient-centered services in orthopedics and sports medicine, women’s health and, primary care for the Sky.

According to a spokesperson for the Chicago Sky organization, the partnership will allow both organizations to work together to scale and track their impact across the city while targeting key health issues such as childhood asthma, obesity and women’s health.

In addition to the partnership, the group will also feature orthopedist on-site at every home game and on-call at away games. And will have placement and advertisement on Chicago Sky players’ home and away jerseys. The group will also receive in-game arena and court signage, as well as a presence on the team’s website, www.ChicagoSky.net.

“We are thrilled to now play in Chicago and work with a world-class facility like the University of Chicago Medicine,” said Adam Fox, CEO of the Chicago Sky in a written statement. “This partnership guarantees that our athletes are provided with the finest resources, doctors and medical care. UChicago Medicine and the Chicago Sky hold the same values and an aligned vision. We are both deeply committed to women’s health, preventive care and serving the community, which makes this partnership a perfect fit. We look forward to a long and fulfilling relationship with UChicago Medicine.”

Sharon O’Keefe, President of the University of Chicago Medical Center said, “This partnership is about two organizations that are deeply committed to connecting with the community they serve and choosing to work together to double their impact.”

She said, “It further facilitates a community-wide dialogue and helps us to reach even more people with the message that committing to wellness is not just a critical part of living a healthy life; it can also be fun.”