Editorial: We know the who, what and where but why?

OK, it has been said by the Park District that the golf proposal and the Obama Presidential Center were separate projects.

But Beau Welling, the course designer from Tiger Woods golf design firm, did let it slip that Woods was very excited when Obama called him about the project.

OK, enough of that. The projects need to be coordinated. We get that because they require road changes. But it is not required that if one is built the other has to be built.

So last week’s presentation by the Park District on the most recent design of the golf course did not answer the question: “why are we building a PGA tournament quality course in Jackson Park?”

Are there going to be PGA tournaments there? What kind of tournaments? Will these tournaments attract crowds of spectators? How many spectators are likely to come to these tournaments? Where will they park? How will the Park handle it?

How will a PGA level course be good for the Park and the community? Last week’s presentation told a lot about what it will be but not about why it should be.