William Calloway sits down with the Herald to discuss run for 25th District seat

William Calloway

Staff Writer

Known as a community leader, activist and one of Laquan McDonald Video Revealers, William Calloway said he wants to bring his experience as a community activist to the State Representative seat of Illinois 25th House District in the 2018 March Primary.

In an interview with the Herald, Calloway said he has invested his time in the community for several years and has played an integral role, along with active community leaders, in helping bring police accountability to the city.

Calloway said if elected he would implement three policies: First he will introduce “The Laquan McDonald Act (HB4478)” and recall legislation directed toward the Mayor of Chicago, Chicago Aldermen, and the Cook County State’s Attorney, second, choose an Elected School Board to oversee Chicago Public Schools and third, a push for a progressive income tax.

Calloway, who earned his General Education Diploma (GED) back in 2006 from Job Corps, has attended several colleges in the past. Including completing coursework at South Suburban College, the City Colleges of Chicago (2007-2010) and Columbia College Chicago (2011-2012).

Calloway said he is in favor of rent control in the city.

He said when it comes to education in the city he is in favor of an elected school board over an appointed school board. He believes that the current Mayoral administration has failed the Chicago school system due to appointees. He believes it is an issue that “four different CEO’s have been appointed in the past five years by the Mayor, with the last two CEO’s resigning due to ethics violation and corruption.”

Calloway said he supports a minimum wage increase, favors public schools over charter schools (with a moratorium on charters), supports a progressive income tax.

Calloway said on behalf of his constituencies, he will work to ensure that the 25th District community has the necessary resources it needs to thrive long term.

He believes strongly that the criminal justice system needs reform.

The 25th House District includes Hyde Park, Kenwood, South Chicago, South Shore, East Side and Woodlawn.

The current State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-25) announced in September that she would not run in the 2018 election.