Any more revitalization and Hyde Park will Explode

To the Editor:

Jackson Park is in Hyde Park. Hyde Park Extends from 51st Street south to 61st Street. The Obama Presidential Center (OPC) plan possible location, so far, would be at 61st Street directly across from the Midway Plaisance.

Hyde Park is overbuilt, over developed and still developing. A 28-story building and a three-story public garage are being constructed across the street from our house and a similar apartment building is about to be built at 53rd Street and Cornell Avenue.

There are three super markets, three drugstores and more restaurants that I can count in Hyde Park. The choice in education is diverse, including Universoty of Chicago Laboratory School (lower, middle and high school). In addition to three ballet schools and a racquet club, there is more music instruction here than anywhere. The neighborhood offers the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club for children of all ages, a public library and ample playgrounds.

There are three dental offices and the most top-rated medical center in the Midwest.

Also, Hyde Park includes a legitimate theater, an art museum and a movie theater.

Gentrification occurred in the ‘60s, so no such fears here.

It is my experience that any more revitalization, Hyde Park would explode.

So any group looking for an area in which to revitalize, upgrade, or replenish, this is not it.

Kathie Newhouse