Walgreens to open new Optical Center in Hyde Park

Staff Writer

Walgreens, 1554 E. 55th St., will host a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for its new Optical Center on Monday, March 12, from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

“For residents, we wanted to set up an Optical service because customers felt there weren’t many options in the area,” said Tony Govea, assistant store manager of Walgreens. “We wanted to set up something more convenient and not as costly for residents.”

Govea said the new center will be set up strategically next to the pharmacy aisle inside of Walgreens to help maximize the customer experience and will feature complete eye care services, including comprehensive eye exams, clear and simple pricing, precise measurement technology, convenient locations and hours, customer seating, experienced optometrists in store and the latest styles and name brand glasses.

Govea said Hyde Park is one of the few select areas in Illinois chosen by Walgreens to offer Optical services in the area.

For more information visit www.walgreens.com.