Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates

It has been the long standing tradition of the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce to be a non-partisan, non-profit, community based organization focused on and committed to improving the quality of commerce in Hyde Park. Guided by that mission, the Chamber does not endorse political candidates.

As the Executive Director of the Chamber, I am the face of the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce. My image has come to convey Chamber involvement, Chamber commitment and a high standard of quality service.

Despite my long standing personal policy of not endorsing any candidate, currently, my image is being used in a political promotional piece. A request has been made to pull this particular campaign piece, and it is important to understand that the use of my image in no way an endorsement of a candidate by the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce.

My sincere apology to anyone who was confused or concerned by my image with a political candidate.

-Wallace Goode