Thank you for your excellent coverage of my announcement

To the Editor:

Thank you for your excellent coverage of my announcement that I am seeking the position of Fifth Ward Alderman. I am also grateful to all of my friends and neighbors who have reached out to me with words of encouragement and support. This will be a challenging task, and I am deeply humbled and appreciative in the knowledge that so many people are supportive.

I’m not going to make a campaign speech – you will hear enough from me in the next year (but do visit to learn about my candidacy). I just want to point out how important the Hyde Park Herald is to me and to all candidates for office who are not starting with big budgets or support from the Democratic Party. It is community media that is often the great leveler in these contexts, allowing all voices to be heard.

We should all support our neighborhood newspaper. It’s easy enough to do – a subscription is inexpensive and makes a huge difference. Advertising shows the neighborhood that you care about our local institutions. You may not think about it a lot or it may even frustrate you when it doesn’t do what you want it to do, but believe me: you would miss it terribly if it was not around.

Of course, many of you know I was formerly the editor of The Herald. In spite of that – no, it is actually because of that – I can say I know for a fact that the Herald would have covered any similar announcement in the same way. It is a great boon to the community that it continues to do so.

Gabriel Piemonte
Candidate, Fifth Ward Alderman

Editor’s Note: We thank Mr. Piemonte for his kind words about The Herald. All candidates for elective office in the legislative districts covering Hyde Park and Kenwood should know that The Herald will cover their runs for office and their efforts to communicate their positions and goals to the community.