Kenwood, Hyde Park vote for Dem. Primary winners

Staff Writer

The candidates who won the most notable Illinois and Cook County Democratic primary elections, those for Governor, Attorney General, Board President and Assessor, also came out ahead on Tuesday among local Democratic primary voters.

In many cases, the winners’ margins in Kenwood and Hyde Park were far ahead of the races’ total vote count. The exception was the gubernatorial primary, where J.B. Pritzker polled slightly lower in Hyde Park and Kenwood together than he did statewide. Pritzker exceeded his statewide margin in Kenwood, but State Sen. Daniel Biss, a former University of Chicago professor, won the most votes in Hyde Park.

Pritzker won the statewide primary with around 45 percent of the vote to Sen. Biss’ 26 percent and businessman Chris Kennedy’s 24 percent in the vote. (Three minor candidates took the remaining four percent.)

In Hyde Park and Kenwood together, Pritzker won 3,837 out of 9,203 votes, or around 42 percent. Sen. Biss ran second with 3,179 votes (35 percent), and Kennedy placed third with 1,932 (21 percent).

Pritzker won over 51 percent of Kenwood primary voters, taking 1,170 of 2,267 total votes, compared to Sen. Biss’ 517 votes (23 percent) and Kennedy’s 490 (22 percent).

Hyde Parkers, however, slightly preferred Sen. Biss to Pritzker. Sen. Biss bested the statewide winner 2,662 to 2644 votes, a difference of less than three-tenths of a percent. Sen. Biss’ win in Hyde Park was due his performance west of the Illinois Central Railroad (I.R., upon which Amtrak, Metra Electric and South Shore Line trains run) and its viaducts, where he took 1,659 votes (43 percent) to Pritzker’s 1,324 (35 percent). Pritzker won in East Hyde Park, taking 1,320 votes (43 percent) to Sen. Biss’ 1003 (32 percent).

Kennedy won 1,442 votes from Hyde Park (21 percent neighborhood-wide): 748 votes west of the I.R. (19 percent of that area’s total) and 694 in East Hyde Park (22 percent).

Across Illinois, State Sen. Kwame Raoul won the Democratic Attorney General nomination 30 percent of the vote, besting former Gov. Pat Quinn, who took 27 percent, and third place finisher, attorney Sharon Fairley, who received 13 percent.

Native son Raoul won handsomely among Democratic primary voters in Kenwood and Hyde Park, however, winning 4,982 out of 9,068 total votes, or 55 percent of the neighborhoods’ total. Fairley came in second, with 1,782 votes (20 percent) and Gov. Quinn finished third with 982 votes (11 percent).

In Kenwood, Sen. Raoul won 1,397 of the 2,248 votes (62 percent of the neighborhood total) to Fairley’s 336 votes (15 percent) and Gov. Quinn’s 242 (11 percent). In Hyde Park, Sen. Raoul won 3,585 votes (53 percent), Fairley won 1,446 votes (21 percent) and Gov. Quinn won 742 (11 percent).

In the race for Cook County Board President, incumbent Toni Preckwinkle bested former Ald. Bob Fioretti 61 percent to 39 percent and will run uncontested in the November general. In Kenwood and Hyde Park, however, President Preckwinkle, a native daughter and former 4th Ward alderman, won 82 to 18 percent, taking 7,186 votes to Ald. Fioretti’s 1,572. She took 78 percent of the vote in Kenwood (1,713 out of 2,196 votes) and 82 percent of the vote in Hyde Park (5,473 of 6,562 votes).

The race for Assessor was the other noteworthy Cook County primary as voters rejected scandal-plagued incumbent Joe Berrios for businessman Fritz Kaegi 45 to 34 percent. Kaegi will also run unopposed in November. Third place finisher Andrea Raila, a consultant, finished with 21 percent of the countywide vote.

Kenwood and Hyde Park voters gave Kaegi, who was raised in Hyde Park, 5,275 of their 8,729 votes, or 60 percent. Berrios received 2,060 votes from the neighborhoods (24 percent) and Raila received 1,394 (16 percent). Kenwood preferred Kaegi over Berrios 1,152 to 783 (49 to 33 percent) while Hyde Parkers voted for the winner over the incumbent 4,123 to 1,277 (65 to 20 percent). Raila won 431 votes in Kenwood (18 percent) and 963 votes in Kenwood (15 percent).