St. Thomas the Apostle School to host community fundraiser for a new playground

Herald Intern

The St. Thomas the Apostle school is gearing up to host STArry Night, the school’s biggest community-wide benefit for the children . This year, the theme is “Playing Under the Stars” and all proceeds will go towards building STA’s new playground.

STArry Night will be held April 14 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at 5467 S. Woodlawn Ave. The activities will include a reception, silent auction packages, dinner and live performances featuring students.

“This activity has two purposes,” said STA Principal Tim Gallo. “First and most important, it’s to celebrate the school. It’s our chance to stop and reflect on everything we’ve done together and celebrate that this is a great place doing great things. We want to celebrate that with our stakeholders, being the kids, the parents, the parishioners, outside people that support the school, and staff. Everyone gets to come together and it’s a night to celebrate that.”

Gallo said, “Secondly, we have focused all of our fundraising efforts to building a new playground. Last January, we made an agreement with the owners of the land north of the building to donate that land to our school with the purposes of building a playground and our task was raising the money.
The lot was generously donated by Pioneer Acquisitions last year,

Gallo reported that “We had our annual appeal in November and got around halfway there, now we are asking for [community] support.”

Last year, the school managed to raise over $69,000 out of their $150,000 goal for the new school playground.

“Our hope is that when we start school next year we have a finished playground,” Gallo said.

Currently, the school’s outdoor play space is their parking lot, which is often interrupted by cars driving through the lot. Depending on the weather, children play outdoors or in the school gym.

STArry Night Raffles include an STA Tuition Raffle for $25, where the winner will save $600 off this year’s STA tuition, and a second $25 raffle for a Notre Dame vs. Pitt Football Game –Club Level Seats tickets