The Chicago Park District and Project 120 need to clean up their act

To the Editor:

On this lovely early Spring day I walked through Jackson Park and admired the beauty of the park.

But this view was marred by the decrepit fencing that the Chicago Park District and Project 120 previously installed around the lagoon. This ugly green fence is falling apart and has large gaps in many areas.

I also could not help but notice the white pipes that are scattered throughout the park to bring needed water to the new plantings are no longer connected to any water source and are an eyesore.

The wrought iron fence that was place beneath the Darrow Bridge has been breached at both ends and the attempt to prevent evasive fish from entering the lagoon has gone to naught.

The time has come for the Chicago Park District and Project 120 to actually clean up what they have wrought as many of us believe that their efforts have not done anything to improve Jackson Park.

Michael Hoke