Lakefront at Morgan Shoals

To the Editor,

On this cold and windy Spring day I walked the lakefront from Promontory Point to 46th Street and enjoyed the fury of Lake Michigan.

I could not help but notice how much erosion has occurred , between 51st Street and 46th Street, in recent years and wonder if and when the Chicago Park District and the Army Corp of Engineers intend on addressing this serious problem. Officials from the Chicago Park District proclaimed years previously, in the Hyde Park Herald, that this concern would be addressed the following year but as normal they failed to tell the truth. It appears that they are installing new bike and pedestrian paths between 46th Street and 51st Street but this so-called upgrade could be washed away whenever we get a serious northeaster storm.

I do hope that they address this major concern prior to rebuilding the shoreline at the third hole of the Tiger Woods golf course, in my opinion this is a much more pressing need.

Michael Hoke