EDITORIAL Determination can solve the gentrification problem

Among the controversies over the Obama Presidential Center has been the assertion by some opponents that its location will lead to the gentrification of the nearby communities and the loss of affordable housing. Considering the difficulties of some south side areas some gentrification would not be a bad thing.

Before the emails accuse us of heartlessness let us say that there are indeed many problems with producing and keeping affordable housing. The present administration in Washington is not friendly, to say the least.

So it is going to take some very hard work to do something about it. But under the right circumstances something can happen. Be sure to read the story of Lake Village on page 1 of this paper. They managed to create a mixed income community, keep their present tenants and insure that affordable units will be available in the future. Yes, special circumstances made it possible.

But it was the determination to make it happened that mattered.

On the one hand we seem to have the Obama Foundation saying, all the community problems are not ours and the naysayers just complaining.

Any body really trying to find some solutions? Time for some conversation?