Clarification on Mary Anton’s letter

To the Editor:

In a recent letter written by Mary Anton, which she posted in an Obama Center Google group and also sent to the Hyde Park Herald, she asserts that “Jackson Park Watch Does Not Speak for Hyde Park or the South Side of Chicago.” In fact, we’ve never claimed that we do – just that we speak for a significant portion of the community.

Be that as it may, we would like to provide some information on JPW’s fiscal sponsorship agreement with Friends of the Parks, something else that Mary appears to question.

FOTP has provided Mary with a copy of its standard fiscal sponsorship agreement, which specifies the terms of the agreements it has with JPW and other organizations. Both FOTP and JPW have provided her with additional information. While JPW is not a membership organization, those who read JPW Updates know that JPW regularly provides information about how it uses the donations it receives. The recently released traffic study is its most significant expenditure; the other major expense has been for legal counsel. Details about JPW donations, expenditures and activities are reported to FOTP twice annually as part of the fiscal sponsorship agreement.

Brenda Nelms and Margaret Schmid co-presidents,

Jackson Park Watch