OP-ED: Teens say Hyde Park is “trending”

As a result of two “On the Table” dinner conversations, which Sarah Diwan, executive director of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club (HPNC) and I hosted for Youth, we have learned that the Hyde Park-Kenwood community is a trend; not in the sense of fashion or music, but as “the place to be.” This young generation uses the term trend to describe an action and place, which will be lit (lit means; fun, hyped, jumping).

Why our community? It’s beautiful, centrally located, and not filled with gang violence Why do young people act a fool upon their arrival? Many youth not only of this generation, define safe, sober play as risky business: throwing eggs at strangers only to run off, and throwing live fireworks at each other.

Therefore, this 4th of July (after 3 p.m.) and Halloween (Saturday, Oct. 27 and Wednesday, Oct. 31) the HPNC will open its doors to young people interested in organized activities.

We are actively, securing funds, soliciting volunteers, welcoming donations of materials and seeking partnerships along the 53rd Street Corridor.

Thus far, the youth have said that: game trucks, board games, indoor basketball, flag football, water balloon wars, face painting, free WiFi (online gaming), and music engineered by a Teen Dj are “pretty cool.”

Let us actively redefine a trend in the Hyde Park-Kenwood community.

-LaKeisha Hamilton
Member of the 4th on 53rd Street Committee