Protect our parks

To the Editor:

It has become a sad affair when Mayor Emanuel’s desperate efforts to engineer and hype the building of a private and towering Obama Center on historic and dedicated public parkland in Jackson Park, AND NOWHERE ELSE IN CHICAGO, has also seemed to addle his brain. The Protect Our Parks lawsuit filed against the City and the Park District raises far reaching Constitutional park protection issues about the bait and switch shell game he is playing on the public; and Rahm calls it “frivolous”. Protect Our Parks, an eleven year old Illinois incorporated 501(c)(3), ( composed of near life long Chicago residents, and alumni of the University of Chicago in Hyde Park where they have lived and earned degrees, are accused by the Mayor of being a “Milwaukee outfit”. By the way, where did Rahm spend all of his time before he became Mayor?

Deceiving the people may be an established politician’s way of doing business, but in this case it shames the Mayor, and it will only serve to tarnish the cherished reputation and heritage of former President Obama if he permits these illegal acts to be done in his name.

Herb Caplan
Protect Our Parks