To the Editor:

Thank you community,

We had an awesome 2018 Jackson Park International Migratory Bird Day. Thank you to the Hyde Park Herald for covering our event. Thanks to Project 120’s Patricia ODonnell, CPD’s Lauren Umek,and the Army Corp of Engineers and Fran Vandervoort for planning and building our new nature trails, planting thousands of new plants, and trees for migratory birds. Thanks to Field Museum and JPAC member Esther Schecter for providing our bird education boxes.

Thank you to George Rumsey for helping create our bird walk search games and bird day passports and sign. Thank you to the Obama Foundation Staff for cleaning the trash off our Nature Trail before our young birders began their bird searches. Thank you to our JPAC volunteers for leading our bird walks.

Thank you to our University of Chicago students, and Norm Bell, and Sreeram Nair who helped kids build bird houses and make bird feeders, and taught families about migratory birds.

Most important thank you to our Jackson Park Advisory Council Wooded Island and Bobolink Meadow volunteers led by our Park Stewards Jerry Levy and Gail Parry and Norm Bell and the awesome Chicago Park District Specialists Cathey Breitenbach, Karen Szyjka, Jerome Scott, and Michael Brown who keep the trees, plants, and Lagoons of Jackson Park Japanese Gardens, Wooded Island and Bobolink Meadow healthy, clean, and welcoming respites for our migrating birds.

Finally, Thank you, community members, for joining JPAC to celebrate, teach our kids, and assist our migratory birds at Jackson Park for 2018 international Migratory Bird Day.

Louise McCurry,
JPAC President