A community benefits agreement for the Hispanics (Latinos) in writing in Chicago

Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to an ABC news report showing the Obama Foundation’s Vice President of Civic Engagement Michael Strautmanis giving a “Certificate of Commitment” to members of the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association during its annual banquet on March 14. During the event, the Obama Foundation announced its commitment to including Hispanic and HACIA Members in the design and construction of the development of the Obama Presidential Center.

To the Editor:

Okay I’m not mad at my Latino brothers and sisters. They are trying to survive too and some of them have problems that Black people born in the city or in America don’t even have to deal with. There are people trying to reduce their population through deportation. Down the line we are going to need each other politically to be the balance of power to change the political landscape in Chicago in the interest of fairness and parity.

Who is telling you what you do?

But! How and under what circumstances are you telling Black people in Chicago your most loyal and strongest political base that we can’t have a community benefits agreement and then do this right in our face. There’s something wrong with this picture and message. Personally I don’t want anything for myself but I’m concerned especially about indigenous Chicagoans in the black community who have lived here for Generations. I was born here and have lived here for close to 68 years.

I wonder who’s telling you what to do?

Where’s the agreement for Black people in Chicago Barack?
You are better than this Barack.
Negotiate the community benefits program with your Black base! If you do this one thing we will have your back. If you don’t we will fight you on this issue with “great gusto” and then you will have to consider the impact on your legacy.
We Black people especially our young people in Chicago deserve to get something finally that is for us and that we can see. A commitment that is measurable and can be a evaluated based on beneficial economic outcomes jobs, housing, business development and contracts at a minimum by census tract in the contiguous neighborhoods surrounding Jackson Park in the South Shore Cultural Center Park.
This is on everything I love and on all that I did to help you get elected President. We need to talk
The whole world is watching.

Your friend,
“Moving Forward!”
Lionel Nixon
President Emeritus,
Coalition to Save South Shore Country Club Park