Hill runs as write-in; Tarver unopposed on State Rep. ballot

Curtis Tarver Denise Hill

Staff Writer

Democrat Curtis Tarver II of North Kenwood will be the only candidate on the ballot for the Illinois House of Representatives 25th District this November, as Denise Anita Hill, a Hyde Park Independent, has decided to run as a write-in candidate, and no Republican or third party candidates filed to run against him.

“Each election cycle there are amazing, visionary people who we never hear about because their petitions for the ballot are intentionally challenged. They end up tossed off the ballot without any other option to continue their campaign,” Hill said. “That’s why I’ve made the intentional decision to run as a write-in candidate.”

In an interview, Hill said the decision to run as a write-in candidate did not result from the petitioning process. The filing period for independent candidates and candidates from new political parties running for federal, state and county offices was from June 18 to 25, and a representative from the Illinois State Board of Elections confirmed Thursday that she had not filed as an independent candidate.

The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners confirmed that Hill filed to run as a write-in candidate on July 2.

“Our goal isn’t just for us to run and win; it’s not just about me. It’s about everyone else. It’s about creating a movement, not just having a moment,” Hill said.

“I absolutely know that I have a chance to win,” she added, though she later said that her candidacy is not about winning: “It’s about the community being better.”

Hill, who formerly chaired the Hyde Park–Kenwood Community Conference and Ray Elementary Local School Council, announced her candidacy in January.

Tarver, an attorney and small business owner, said he would run last October, after longtime incumbent and Democratic Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie announced her retirement.

The 25th District zig-zags down the lakefront from Kenwood to the Indiana border. Tarver won the March 20 Democratic primary, coming out ahead of six other candidates with a little over a quarter of the vote. He ran well in Kenwood, southern South Shore and South Chicago. Over a third of his 4,737 votes came from the parts of the 5th Ward in the 25th District, which includes most of Hyde Park.