Just take a look

To the Editor:

Good Morning, everyone,

We did it!

In less than a week, we raised $6,000 to honor Willie Pickens with a mural at Ray School across from the Pickens’ home. It was a short and beautiful drive, and it goes to show the love and respect people from everywhere feel for Willie.


As you see when you look at the site, we not only made it to but went over $6,000.

The extra money will go toward a street party we hope to hold celebrating the mural and other things. Other things: possibly include a bronze plaque for the Pickens’ home across the street from the mural or maybe an honorary name for the for block of Kimbark between 56th and 57th.

Plans for those things are in their infancy. We will keep you informed.

But if they all come together think what a wonderful street party we will have!

I have been saying “we” because there has been a team at work. And this is the team:

Kiron Pickens, Sam Mulberry (Desi Mundo), Megan Thole, Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th), Gabriel Piemonte, Anne Renna, Ingrid Wallace, Susan Alitto, Catherine Mardikes, Judith Stein, myself and Bethany Pickens, pitching in from Africa.

And those who gave deserve our thanks, (A large number did so anonymously, but thanks to them, too).

I am putting them in no order so you have to look hard for your friends and see more as you go along.

Donors to the Willie Pickens Memorial Mural Project

John Murphy, David Myles,Barbara Willard, Marvin Hoffman and Rosellen Brown, Kathy and Roger Huff, Pat and David Mosena, Gregg and Helen Zuman , Susan Alitto, Rita McCarthy, Steven Fox, Linda Swift, Anna Renna, Michal Safar, Sarah Diwan, Jay Mulberry, Sarah Shields, Judith Stein, Missy and Rick Bacon, Bill Mulberry, Almarie Wagner, Julie Oyler, Aaron and Diane Brodsky, Ginni Cook, Charles Mazique, Jr., Jim & Eileen Holzauer, Al Sharp and Margaret O’Dell, Nika Levi-Setti, Aaron Schwartz, Judy SooHoo, Margaret Huyck and Beth Ann Huffine.


Thanks to all!
We’ll call again when more plans are made!
Jay Mulberry