Thank you for the help with Dickerson Play Lot Workday

To the Editor:

Thank You JPAC members, community members, parents and children for helping us repair Dickerson Play Lot in Jackson Park. Thank you, Spencer Bibbs for recording our workday and live streaming it. Thank you my role models, Fran Vandervoort and Gary Ossewaarde for showing our young parents the skills for chipping their kids play lot. This was one of the new play lots that JPAC designed and spread the first chips six years ago. Thank you to Christopher Watson, our positive and hardworking Eagle Scout Candidate. We admire your energy, strength and great work.

Thank You to Michael Brown, our Chicago Park District Natural Areas Supervisor, who got the wheelbarrows, chips and forks to us. Thank you, Park District Staff members, who delivered and picked up the equipment. Thank you to Cherry Theard, super JPAC member for organizing a raking plan and for bringing a spirited canine buddy (Mr. Mozart) to help in the Canine Cheering Squad. Thank you to the over 20 community members who came to help chip their kids’ play lot. There were foot deep holes under the very popular and always in use play equipment, where playing kids have worn away all the chips, the dirt and ground cloth have been exposed, and the weeds were popping up through the openings between chips. JPAC monitors the lot and was proud to bring our community together to improve their play lot in Jackson Park. We started the morning cleaning up the bottles and cups from a late night playlot liquor party.

We recruited neighbors who came to play, to help rake chips. They all want to join JPAC and help us again, and were invited to our JPAC meeting on Monday at the Iowa.

We finished chipping Dickerson Play Lot and it looks really great but we still need to finish Chrysalis.

Thank You,
Louise McCurry, JPAC President.