Thank you for remembering Willie Pickens

To the Editor:

Last week I sent a letter to the Herald thanking lots and lots of people for donating to the Willie Pickens Mural Project. In less than a week we collected more than $6,000. That will cover the first stage of the project, the painting of a mural depicting Willie on the wall of Ray School directly across Kimbark from the Pickens’ home.

But no sooner did my letter appear than I realized I had left off many who deserve our thanks. Here is the list, up-dated and complete as of the time of writing:

Martha Ackerman, Susan Alitto, Stephen Baker, Missy and Rick Bacon, Kathleen and Dwight Banks, Lynne Bergero, Laura Bradford, Aaron and Diane Brodsky, Judy Chernick, Ginni Cook, Marianne Crusius, Elizabeth Dale, Sarah Diwan, Sandra Foster, Sue and Paul Freehling, Jana French and Peter Gotsch, Myra Hart, Allison Hartman, Deborah Hass, Jill Hilty, Marvin Hoffman and Rosellen Brown, Jim and Eileen Holzhauer, Diane Howard, Kathy and Roger Huff, Beth Anne Huffine, Margaret Huyck, Stu and Penny Katz, Craig Krell, Kristi Kirschner and Raymond Curry, Nika Levi-Setti, Charles Mazique, Jr., Rita McCarthy and Steve Fox, Grace Chan Mckibben, Pat and David Mosena, Jay and Alice Mulberry, Bill Mulberry, John Murphy, Kevin Murphys, David and Ingrid Myles, Vreni Naess, Barbara O’Connor, Colleen M. O’Leary, Julie Oyler, Ryan Priester, Dorothy Pytel, Lisa Rademacher, Anne Renna, Marlene Rosenberg, Arlene Rubin, Michal Safar, Aaron Schwartz, Melissa Shakman, Al Sharp and Margaret O’Dell, Sarah Shields, Judy SooHoo, Judith Stein, Linda Swift, Timothy Smith, Almarie Wagner, Alain Weaver, Barbara Willard, Kathryn Williams, M Sutton Yeadon, Gregg and Helen Zuman and seven anonymous donors.

On behalf of myself and the Pickens family, thanks to every one of you.

Those who want to help with the next stages of the project can continue the donations at

Jay Mulberry