Long-flooded underpass at 59th and LSD needs to be addressed

To the Editor:

I agree with Michael Hoke that the long-flooded underpass at 59th and LSD needs to be addressed. I would add that the underpass at LSD and Marquette has been pretty much continuously flooded for several years and the one at 63rd St. is often flooded too. They also should be addressed ASAP. The construction of these underpasses (in 2004, I believe) greatly improved the lives of Southsiders by giving them enhanced access to the lake shore and beaches and were much, much better than the couple of old bridges that existed previous at 57th and 63rd.

The fact that the city has not been committed to keeping up even this relatively recent, important, and no doubt expensive infrastructure improvement should give us all pause when considering the many promises being made about changes, improvements, etc. for Jackson Park in conjunction with the proposed presidential center and pro golf course.

Holly Shissler
Assoc. Professor of Middle Eastern History
Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
University of Chicago