Park Scam

To the Editor:

If anyone has been paying attention to what is happening behind the scenes, the proposed Obama “Center” in Jackson Park has continued to morph from the official NARA Presidential Library it was promised to be into a Lucas Museum redux and Obama tchotchke museum and finally a daily changing amorphous Obama “Center” and what can now be honestly identified as little more than a towering 235 feet high Obama shrine and a complex of other buildings to serve as a political clubhouse to clone community organizers of himself – at undisclosed public expense – on priceless lakefront dedicated public park land to be stolen from the historic Jackson Park.

Meanwhile the residents of Woodlawn and adjoining south side neighborhood who were first promised that this project would “generate thousands of jobs and generate $3 billion in economic activity” were cold shouldered and rejected when all they asked for was the Obama Foundation to enter into a carefully prepared Community Benefits Agreement drafted by the 18 organization membership South Side Community Benefits Coalition; a CBA that merely put in writing an enforceable obligation to actually do exactly what Obama was pretending to be offering.

Don’t the deserving residents and taxpayers of Chicago deserve something more than a con job from their Mayor?

Herb Caplan
Protect Our Parks