Recognition needed for Red Flag

To the Editor:

Thank you for putting my protest poster on the Dan Ryan in the Hyde Park Herald paper on July 11, 2018. In the center of the protest sign is a letter I would like to share with you. It read:

Dear Mr. Mayor:

This letter is written in support of Mrs. Sheila Clay who has created and designed a flag, which she calls The Red Flag. She states it was made to remember the tragedy of 9/11 and the victims of violence and tragedy all across our United States.

Mrs. Clay asked me to write this letter to you regarding her concern, love and respect for humanity in memory of all the people on the planet which holds us all together as one. She would like to make a flag that can be displayed at some point in the City of Chicago.

Thank you for considering her request.

Danny K. Davis
Member of Congress

I wrote the Mayor countless letters with no response to both of us on this needy cause of support and gave him a keepsake red flag and took picture with him, which is on protest poster, in 2016.

I asked Alderman Leslie Hairston for help and support, which she sent to Alderman Sophia King. Both receive a keepsake flag. Ald. Hairston failed to present the memorial Red Flag to City Council of Chicago over the past two years for the victims of violence to honor and remember those who lost their loved ones here in Chicago and America. She just lies to me when I see her. She just says she took care of it no meeting or nothing to talk what happen over the past two years. I wrote her again and asked her to go on Windy City Live to represent as a leader in our community to talk about the Memorial Red Flag for victims of violence because she asked me for the design, which I created and faxed it to her on November 4. 2016. I did write to Windy City Live about a leader to help as well on the Red Flag. I requested her response back to me on Aug. 31. 2018 for her support to recognize all victims of violence with this Memorial Red Flag to help raise the flag with an excellent ceremony for the love of humanity, our neighbors and families who are still living and those who are at rest now due to such violence.

If I were a white person, both Mayor and Alderman would have took action right away. Like the 9/11 tragedy Ground Zero was built for that violent attack. We have lost more lives than 9/11 tragedy of violence and they would never have made my Memorial Red Flag prevail for our neighbors who lost their love ones through violence. She just lies to me as Alderman of the 5th ward.

I now feel in my heart she really don’t care like the mayor and the killing of our neighbor to help honor them with this Memorial Red Flag just fail to bring to City Council of Chicago.

She can prove it if she loves her neighbor who have lost love ones through violence by going on Windy City Live and talk about it with me. I don’t believe the Alderman really cares. I will keep protesting and talking about my story until the Memorial Red Flag prevails and get justice for a wrong that was ignore and neglected to me and designed to create the Memorial Red Flag by Miss Sheila Clay artist. I want the Memorial Red Flag to be a prominent place in City Hall and Daley Plaza and a televised program for the Raising of the Memorial Red Flag to be paid by the City Aldermen.

Sheila Clay