Being the change I want to see

To the Editor:

On April 1, I awoke at 5:50 a.m. to gunshots ringing out on the block in front of my home, by 2 p.m. that afternoon I filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to run as an Independent candidate for The United States House of Representatives in the Illinois First Congressional District. The next day I went to work and built an organization with over 40 petition circulators and on June 25 delivered over 26,000 signatures to the Illinois State Board of Elections in Springfield and am now on the ballot for the election being held on Nov. 6.

I am running to bring attention and solutions to the violence which plagues our streets,  end the drug war and legalize marijuana, bring economic development to our communities and create capital access for our local businesses,  cap property taxes which destroy our neighborhoods, stop the overregulation of small businesses,  end corporate welfare,  fight for clean air and water, defend science; create a public option for health insurance and end medical bankruptcies,  end civil asset forfeiture,  defend the Fourth and 14th  Amendments to our Constitution,  rebuild America’s infrastructure, replace all lead water pipes, help Dreamers become citizens and be a moral voice against the hateful rhetoric and policies being generated by this administration.

I could no longer sit on the sideline and let the status quo continue, we need forward movement.  Too often our politics are based on personal differences and not a positive debate of issues within the marketplace of ideas.  We are one people, all of us Americans who have more in common than our current media climate would have us believe.

I respectfully ask for the community’s support and vote this November.


Thomas Rudbeck
Independent Candidate
Illinois First Congressional District