Rainbow PUSH strives to get young voters to the polls

Contributing Writer

With the next election coming up on Nov. 6, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rainbow PUSH are striving to get more high school and college students registered to vote.

“Every high school senior that is 18 years old is eligible to vote,” Jackson said.

He added that many University of Chicago students are registered to vote in Chicago and Illinois. But he is aware of the apathy of voters that occurred during the last election cycle.

“A significant number of people didn’t vote because of cynicism,” Jackson said.

It is Jackson’s hope that a big turnout on Nov. 6, will result in a change.

“If we work hard, we’ll have a new D.C.,” he said. “There’s an uprising in the streets of America.”

Jackson also has been meeting with candidates for the upcoming election.

“When I meet with candidates, I ask, ‘what’s your plan for abandoned people?’” he said.

The Rev. Todd Yeary, of Baltimore, Md., encouraged people to visit www.vote.org to register, verify voter information and confirm voting location during the weekly Saturday meeting on Sept. 8 at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Headquarters, 930 E. 50th St. He called for fairness in the voting process.

“Elections are our opportunity to assert our human dignity and human dignity is our right,” he said. “We must do whatever is required to protect that right.”

Jonathan Jackson, Rainbow PUSH board member, called for an open, free and fair election.

“We’re going to be the deciding factor in who’s going to be the next mayor,” he said during the meeting.